Sports massage combines the prevention and treatment of injuries to both muscles and tendons. If you are left with the impression that you have to prepare for the Olympics to attend a sports massage session - you are wrong! Sports massage is an extremely powerful weapon against old chronic injuries and limited movement of the joints. The massage therapist mainly concentrates on a specific problem area. This is the type of sports massage that is commonly offered at SPA centers.

The massages are performed by a rehabilitation specialist M. Vikky - a massage therapist with many years of experience in Thailand.

The voucher includes: body to body massage in malviya nagar

    50 min sports massage

What happens during a sports massage session?
Sports massage is a kind of Swedish massage. It stimulates the circulation of
blood and lymph. Some techniques include treating myofascial keys to improve joint movement.

There are four types of sports massage:

Massage before sports - short stimulating massage, 15-45 minutes
just before the event. Targets specific parts of
the body that will be most burdened;

Massage after sports - one or two hours after sports to normalize body tissues.

Recovery sports massage - done after a workout so that the athlete can train more seriously and without injuries;

Rehabilitation Sports Massage - Aims to reduce pain due to injury (injury) and restore the athlete's muscles and body to their optimal health.

When should we do sports massage?
Sports massage is a good choice if we have a specific problem, such as a sore knee, ankle, shoulder, and more. It is not a problem to get a sports massage even if you have no injuries.


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